What you need to know before choosing an apartment entrance security door

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What you need to know before choosing an apartment entrance security door

The entrance security door – portes asfaleias – is made of metal body with the corresponding metal frame that provide you with the necessary security and shielding of your space. Then the linings that cover the metal parts are placed and give her the beauty and finish of a furniture.

Most entrance doors – είσοδοι πολυκατοικιών – because of their very large dimensions are accompanied by fixed and upper parts with glass which if we really want to provide security should be at least triplex 5mm + 5mm and preferably 8mm + 8mm.

Shielding – Investing – Glazing

The metal part is manufactured in various safety and durability grades which are largely proportional to the selling price. It is the part of the door that you choose A TIME and the investments can be changed at a relatively low cost.

So it is important to first choose a good type of shield in combination with a state-of-the-art lock because in most cases the front door is the only obstacle to any prospective intruder.

Finally, depending on whether your door is exposed to rain or humidity, you should choose between the various investment options (CPL – PVC – HAT – ALUMINIUM TILE BOXES) which will give you the desired aesthetic effect.

Entrance locks to apartment building

Electric cypress

The common feature of apartment building entrance doors is that each resident should be able to open the door to a visitor from their apartment. This feature is provided by the electric cell.

The electric cell is an accessory which, with the application of electric current (12V), secures a plate that holds the door tongue thereby releasing the door.

Caution: It is easily violated and provides no security.

Electric lock

A better solution is the electric lock. It replaces the electric cell, it works with a current like the electric cell and its feature is that a smaller diameter auxiliary tongue that has above the normal blocks the normal tongue when closing the door so that the door does not open with a simple identity.

The lock works electrically (12V). The power is supplied by the cable and contacts present on the door and the corresponding contacts in the metal frame on the hinges side. Its operation is simple and safe.


Electrodes are used as locks – κλειδαριές ασφαλείας – and operate in conjunction with other access control products such as keyboards or card readers (external) and push button (internal). This way you always have access to your site. They have many application capabilities and can be mounted at various locations on the security door as appropriate. To operate it requires combined use with an electric cell or an electric lock.

The electric grid is the solution for the automatic locking of main entrances (apartment buildings, shops and large buildings).

They are somewhat sensitive and must be positioned within millimetres

Electromechanical (The ultimate safety)

Alfinodoor presents the new X1R electromechanical safety lock for shielded doors.

Its installation is indicated on the front door of the apartment building (unlocks the door of each apartment). Works mechanically with the key or electrically from the door phone.

  • It locks automatically by closing the door. That is, it offers 24-hour security!
  • It unlocks automatically: externally using the doorbell & internally with the push-button or key
  • It never stays unlocked, as even if you unlock it and for whatever reason you don’t open the door, the lock will automatically unlock in 15 “seconds.
  • Combined with cylinder and safety defender
  • Gearbox, which means quiet & smooth operation

 Can be installed as follows:

1. With alkaline batteries

2. With rechargeable batteries

3. With direct power supply

Cylinder – Keys – Reset mechanism

The cylinder needed to enter the building users should be of high quality with keys that are not easily copied but the cost of replacing the key-cylinder each time a key is lost or not returned is high enough.

Which are the 3 most popular types of entrance security doors?


Auto Lock Central Entry Security Doors

These doors have automatic locking of one door (tongue) at each door closing. The lock is activated either with a key or a push-button from the compartments (via the well-known doorbell) for entry into the apartment building and is respectively activated by using the baton to exit our apartment building.

Self Lock apartment door entry doors

Doors with automatic locking of all doors around the door at each closing. The lock is activated either with a key or with a push button from the compartments (door entry) for the entrance to the apartment building and correspondingly with a button located on the security door to exit the apartment building.

Electronic Security Door for Electronic Lock

Apartment building entrance with automatic locking of all doors around the door at each closing. Activation of security lock with key / RFID card (inductive) / keypad entry and button (door entry) for entry into apartment building and correspondingly with push button on security door to exit apartment building. This security door features an induction reader and a keypad externally.

What do these models secure?

  1. The above models ensure the permanent locking of the security door (24 hours a day) as well as high functionality and comfort for the occupants.
  2. Facilities are made with side mounts and skylights made of double glazing, triplex, anti-vandal / bulletproof, railing (optional) and sandblasting for windows. Possibility also for making blind coated constants.
  3. Manufactured ONLY from the Alfinodoor with slop-down tilt and tilt.
  4. The security doors of the main entrances are available with all types of coatings (varnish, laminate, PVC, MDF, Plywood, Aluminium).

Never underestimate the function and role of the reset mechanism in an apartment building entrance door because none of the above will be of any value if your door – πόρτες – remains open.

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